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41. Please ensure that a card is made with your photograph, name and address, ph no., blood group, information on allergy, any disease suffering from etc. and is always kept in your and in your children's pocket while in journey or while away from home.

42. Before embarking on a road journey, get your vehicle checked by a competent mechanic and always check the toolkit, spare tyre etc. and carry emergency spare items like fan belt, fuses, accelerator and clutch wires, head light bulbs, road map etc.

43. Instruct children to cross the road at zebra crossings after ensuring clear traffic on both directions of the road.

44. Always cross the road at a right angle. This gives a better judgment of your movement to the driver.

45. Respect the pedestrian's right of way. While driving, be extra cautious at school, hospital and bus stops. Be very careful while crossing a standing vehicle, someone may suddenly come in your way from behind the vehicle.

46. Use the horn while crossing a road tri-junction on the highway where the view of the side road is obstructed and at blind turns.

47. Keep your cool while driving and do safe and lane driving. Do not convert the road into a racing track.

48. Give signals to the traffic behind and do not obstruct overtaking.

49. Use helmet while driving two-wheeler for your own safety.

50. Keep the car doors locked while driving.


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