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31. Have the identity and bona fide of the person established before letting out your house to him. Note down his address and intimate the fact to the nearest police station. If he was staying at some other place check up from his earlier landlord if what he says is correct.

32. Very late callers whether known or unknown should be treated with suspicion. Maybe someone concealed from your view is forcing him to get the door opened.

33. Never accept gifts from strangers, nor parcels delivered which were not ordered.

34. Be suspicious of change of postman, milkman or other regular delivery personnel.

35. Keep the area around your house tidy so that unusual or suspicious objects can be noticed.

36. A dog is an asset for home security. A barking dog will discourage intruders and also warn you of their presence. A stranger's door bell without barking of the dog is a suspect. Look for the dog before answering the door.

37. Inform the police of the presence of any suspicious vehicle or person near your home. Note the physical characteristics of the persons, description and registration number of such vehicles.

38. Employ only mature and responsible baby-sitters, who are trustworthy. Ensure that they know where you can be reached in case of emergency and brief them on emergency telephone nos. away from home and others

39. For traveling, plan your journey well in time but do not publicize it unnecessarily. Prepare a checklist of items to carry and works to do.

40. Always travel by air/rail in your own name. It saves a lot of trouble later in case of accidents, etc.


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