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20. If phone tapping is suspected, have the installation checked.

21. Check from time to time whether your phone is working.

22. Keep a strict check on your house key. Take care of the second key of the pair that you got with the lock.

23. Do not trust the workmen and check their identity before admitting them into the house and ensure that someone oversees their work during their stay inside the house. It should also be ensured that they have finally gone from the house under supervision.

24. Servants should not be allowed to bring their friends, relatives and other unauthorized persons into the premises.

25. Always employ your servants from reliable contacts. Before getting him for the job note down his full address and get it verified through the nearest police station.

26. A domestic help who had been previously employed without any complaint or suspicion by a known and reliable employer can be engaged with obvious advantage.

27. Have the servant photographed before engaging him and keep the photograph secured.

28. When you have to be on tour for a few days leaving behind only old people, women or children with servants at home, intimate the nearest police station and leave behind your phone no.

29. Do not let the servants overhear your private conversations with the family or colleague on important matters.

30. When you dismiss a domestic servant for misconduct please intimate the fact to the local police.


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