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10. Every night before retiring, make a safety check to ensure that all doors and windows are locked. Also ensure that the cooking gas cylinder is turned off.

11. Adequate lighting outside as well as inside the house at night is a likely deterrent to the intruders. Install protected electric lighting of the periphery and building to ensure visibility near the compound wall and the building.

12. A light should be kept burning in the area of the front door during the night. Switch for the light should be inside the house.

13. While going out at night prepare for your return in advance and leave the garage light and approach light outside on.

14. Other forms of security lighting like flood lights at vantage points, which can be turned on in emergency or when the suspicion arises, may also be installed.

15. Place the phone in such a position that it cannot be observed through windows or doors, particularly the front door, while making a call. A bed-extension and/or a cordless with back-up battery is also advisable.

16. If the telephone becomes out of order, report it at once and be vigilant until it is repaired.

17. Brief the members of the household to note the caller's name and phone no. so that a return call can be made. In case of suspicion, make the return call immediately.

18. Be alert if there is an increasing number of strange phone calls (silent calls, alleged 'wrong calls' etc.) and report the matter to the police. Do not follow a set routine of of only one person of the household answering the call.

19. In case of threat or anonymous phone calls do not panic or cut off the call. Note the exact time of call and duration. Identify the caller or person/ organization. After the call is over please note down the exact words of the person making the call, sex and estimated age of the caller, voice tone and attitude of the caller (loud, soft, articulate, angry, calm, intoxicated, threatening, serious, joking, warning etc.), any background noises (street sound, music, party, train, office sounds etc.), accent and if possible ethnic origin. Intimate these facts to the police immediately.


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