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7. Koomsai, Tinsukia District.2nd A.P.Bn., Makum

I. Free Medical Camp.

8. Bhalukmari Garogaon, Darrang Dist.3rd.APTF.Bn Khajuabeel.

I. Motor Driving.
II. Cutting, stitching and tailoring.
III. Tree plantation.

9. No.I Jaraguri Mudoi Chulung Goan, Golaghat Dist.11th.A.P.Bn, Dergaon

I. Sugarcane cultivation
II. Vegetable cultivation
III. Pig farm and fishery under process.

10. Charigharia Missing Gaon, Golaghat DistR.T.S. Dergaon

I. Tree plantation.
II. Boundary fencing & repair of school building.

11. Natun Napam, N/Lakhimpur District.13th.A.P.Bn, Lilabari.

I. Pig farm
II. Poultry farm.
III. Embroidery
IV. Duckery.

12. Singimari Part-I, Bongaigaon Dist.8th.A.P.Bn, Abhayapuri.

I. Tree plantation
II. Tailoring
III. Motor driving.

13. Hojai Basti, N. C. Hills District.5th.A.P.Bn, Sontilla

I. Improvement of village road.
II. Cleaning up of village surroundings.
III. Repair and white wash of village school.
IV. Providing bamboo fencing around the village community Hall.
V. Free Medial Camp.

14. Jaitorpur(Pt-I) Cachar Dist. 6th.A.P.Bn, Kathal

I.Development of village roads.
II.Training on motor mechanic/ cutting and tailoring
III.Motivating School drops outs to rejoin school.



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